Who is the “IDRISOGLU” family?

The Idrisoglu family is a family from Turkey, with a significant presence in Adana and surrounding areas. There are also members of the family located in Australia. The family is known to have individuals who have done great work and have made positive contributions to society. It is clear that the Idrisoglu family is a respected family.


Arda Idrisoglu is a young entrepreneur originally from Turkey who relocated to Australia at the age of 18 to pursue his education in IT. He has honed his skills in communication and marketing and has attended numerous trainings to expand his social network. Arda is passionate about social entrepreneurship and has led large teams to create innovative projects, including producing Turkey’s first audio art magazine. He founded a successful media company that combines his expertise in web design, digital marketing, and innovative design with a commitment to social responsibility.

When was Arda Idrisoglu born and how old is he?

Arda IDRISOGLU was born in 2004 and currently he would be 18 years old.

What is Arda IDRISOGLU’s background and experience?

Arda IDRISOGLU has an IT background and has taken more than 50 courses. He worked with many communities and created an art magazine with his team.

What challenges did Arda IDRISOGLU face when he moved to a new country?

Arda IDRISOGLU faced several challenges when he moved to Australia. One of the biggest challenges was not having his native language, which can be a significant blow, especially if your job requires excellent communication skills. Despite these challenges, he remained positive and determined to pursue the right path.